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 Technical Information


Natural Hydraulic Limes

1. Identification of substance

1.1 Product names

SOCLI Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL 2 CE, NHL 3.5 CE White, NHL 3.5 CE Grey, NHL 5 CE bright), according to EN 459-1 standards.

1.2 Description

Natural hydraulic lime: an odourless powder. When mixed with sand and water it becomes a binder for building applications (e.g. mortars and renders).

2. Supplier

RoundTower Limes, The Forge, Innishannon, Cork (IRELAND)
Tel: +353 21 4776677, Fax: +353 21 4776063

Composition/information on ingredients

3.1 Chemical description

Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 with some calcium silicates, aluminates, ferro-aluminates and sulfates, small quantities of magnesium and other organic trace elements.

3.2 Hazardous ingredients

Hazardous ingredient – calcium hydroxide...