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 Pointing to Historic Buildings


Cor Castle

Analysis of Original Mortar

Before carrying out re-pointing work on Historic buildings or structures, determine the type of mortars used in the original building phase. Make sure when removing samples for analysis that they are from an original phase of work, and are not from later remedial works.

The samples should be representative of the bulk of the remaining material. Analysis is needed to determine correct binder, aggregate size, colour and type. Mortar analysis can be carried out by Lochplace Building Conservation.


Carefully survey the wall to determine the pointing style and condition of the mortar. Notes should be made of open joints, decayed mortar, vegetation and general extent of re-pointing required.


Before cutting out of defective mortars, windows, doors, drains, vegetation etc., should be covered and protected. Special care should be given to friable cut masonry and other special features such as antique glass etc.

Cor Castle

Cutting out of Defective Mortar

Considerable care must be taken when removing decayed mortar from historic masonry. When the mortar being removed is decayed or crumbly its removal can be carried out using hand tools. Plugging chisels, masonry chisels and old hacksaw blades used in conjunction with a club hammer will easily remove the mortar...