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Regulated by Standard NF P 15-311
In agreement with the order of 03/12/92, modified
by the order of 01/03/94 and the ruling of 05/01/93
According to directives 91 /I55CEE

Identification of Hazards

Natural hydraulic lime is not classified as a "dangerous substance" according to the rules of appendix VI of the 67/548/CEE directive. However, due to its alkaline qualities in solution, precautions must be taken while using it.

  1. Natural hydraulic lime is an irritant to the eyes, respiratory tract and mucous membranes.
  2. Risk of ocular lesions in the case of contact with powder or paste in the eye.
  3. Upon mixing, taking into account its raised pH, natural hydraulic lime can irritate and dry out skin.
  4. Prolonged contact with the skin can cause sensitivity.
  5. In case of ingestion (of a significant quantity), Natural Hydraulic Lime is caustic to the digestive tract and may cause bums to the mouth, oesophagus and stomach.
  6. No significant risk to the environment. However, in case of an accidental spill in residual water, the powder can cause a small rise in the pH of the water. Natural hydraulic lime is a stable material which causes other components to harden and makes them insoluble.

First Aid in the Case of Emergency

Contact with eyes
Rinse immediately and abundantly with clean water, consult a doctor and/or ophthalmologist.
Contact with he skin
Prolonged contact: if the Natural Hydraulic Lime is dry, remove as much powder as possible, then wash with clean water. If the Natural Hydraulic Lime is mixed wash abundantly with water. Be careful to ensure that no lime remains between the skin and watch, shoes or clothes.
In the case of inhalation of a large quantity, bring the subject away from the work area and consult a doctor in the case of any respiratory symptoms.

Fire Prevention

Natural Hydraulic Lime is not flammable. In the case of fire any type of equipment to extinguish can be used...



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