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Natural hydraulic lime, an odourless powder, when mixed with sand and water it becomes a binder for building applications (e.g. mortars and renders).

Roundtower Natural Hydraulic Limes are suitable for building restoration and conservation. Equally, they are well suited for new construction and as mortars, plasters, concrete and grouts.

Whether you are repairing historic building fabric or constructing an environmentally conscious building, Roundtower offers many benefits to architects, contractors, quantity surveyors, conservationists and homeowners.

Roundtower has 4 different natural hydraulic limes. An NHL 2 (white), two NHL 3.5 (one white and one grey) and NHL 5 (bright). Round Tower also suplies Lime Putty. This gives the user the widest choice of material.

Roundtower Natural Hydraulic Lime is available now, at highly competitive prices, from a distributor near you.